All That Remains

Given the world’s unpredictability, survival requires reaction. With so many factors beyond our control, the focus of life often becomes about how we respond to these outside forces. The same can be said for music. Regardless of how trends ebb and flow, artists must react appropriately in order to thrive and survive. Since 1998, All That Remains continue to progress, while clenching steadfast to the principals that etched their place at the forefront of 21st century hard rock. On their seventh full-length album, The Order of Things [Razor & Tie], the Massachusetts outfit—Phil Labonte [vocals], Oli Herbert [guitar], Mike Martin [guitar], Jeanne Sagan [bass], and Jason Costa [drums]—preserve an ethos of evolution.

It’s been quite a ride for All That Remains. The group reached another landmark with 2012’s A War You Cannot Win. It debuted at #13 on the Billboard Top 200 and yielded two hit singles. “Stand Up” ascended to #1 at Active Rock radio, a first for the band, while “What If I Was Nothing” landed at #2. The group hit the road for sold out shows alongside Volbeat and In This Moment in between incendiary festival appearances at Rock on the Range, Welcome to Rockville, Rocklahoma, and more. It would’ve been easy to simply repeat themselves creatively. However, they decided to bulldoze a new path for The Order of Things.

I can’t think of a better way to get over the Thanksgiving food coma than to attend an amazing concert. All That Remains kicked off the last leg of the Last Hero Tour in Orlando at the House of Blues. The crowd was definitely ready to rock, packing the floor in front of the stage quite early for the show with more coming as the night went along. As one of my favorites, I was extremely happy to be able to cover this show. Playing some of the old songs, new songs and even a cover of “The Thunder Rolls” by Garth Brooks, All That Remains kept the fans on their feet, hands in the air rocking along to the sounds of “Madness” and many other fan favorites. Near the end of the set, they played two of my absolute favorites, “What if I Was Nothing” from A War You Cannot Win and “This Calling” from The Fall of Ideals.  Phil is one of the few that can go from beautiful melodic vocals to a hard core metal scream without missing a beat.  The band stays true to their own style and feelings with no regard to the mainstream standards creating their own unique modern metal music for all to enjoy.  

I must say, you can never get enough of All That Remains! I was invited to attend the 2nd show in Florida at Jannus Live in St. Petersburg and it was just as amazing as the night before. Being 5’3′ with a 7 ft tall stage, it was a bit more challenging of a shoot, however it turned out one of my most epic photos yet. I will never forget the moment or the song, the shot taken at the end of the verse.

Dynamics have defined All That Remains since day one. It’s why they’ve not only persevered while the musical landscape morphed and changed, but also why they’ve become veritable hard rock leaders, shaping the scene and then skyrocketing past its confines.