Alter Bridge & Skillet – Victorious Sky Tour

Alter Bridge & Skillet – Victorious Sky Tour Orlando

The Victorious Sky Tour began on September 22 in Baltimore and wrapped up with a two night stand in Orlando on October 24th and 25. We are thankful to have 2 nights of these amazing bands. The fans were lined up early stretching around the buildings at the House of Blues in Orlando despite the rain. 

Dirty Honey

Opening the show was Dirty Honey who I have not had the pleasure of seeing before tonight. Dirty Honey is the first band EVER in the history in mainstream rock charts to have a #1 song without being signed to a label. In less than six months, they are 2019’s only new, independent artist to climb the charts all the way to #1 with their debut single “When I’m Gone,” all while racking up five-million+ streams for their self-titled EP. This truly DIY bluesy rock act plays high-­energy, passionate, loaded­-with­-attitude rock’n’roll. They can count The Who and Slash as fans (and have opened for both) and were chosen to support Guns N’Roses on the final two dates of its “Not In This Lifetime Tour” (Nov. 1 & 2, Las Vegas, NV).

Watch the official video for When I’m Gone:

Dirty Honey Set List:


Break You


Down The Road

When I’m Gone

Rolling 7’s


Alter Bridge

Next up was Alter Bridge, one of my long time favorites. Hailing from Orlando, the fans were out in force and by the time Alter Bridge took to the stage, you could barely move through the crowd. When Alter Bridge takes the stage, they never disappoint. They are one of those bands that just simply always sound amazing. Starting with the opening one-two punch “One Life” / “Wouldn’t You Rather” (the first single from the new album) and fan favorite “Isolation,” Myles sings with an voice that is beyond commanding while he and Tremonti trade off guitar riffs where it is nearly impossible to determine where the rhythm ends and the lead begins. 

Alter Bridge is well known for walking the line between hard rock and heavy metal with a touch of a softer side appealing to a wide variety of fans.  The shining moment tonight was the epic song “Blackbird,” a song that boasts a larger-than-life chorus and masterful guitar solos with the essence of powerful lyrics and emotion. This was a passionate powerful performance from all four members of the band. Kennedy’s voice was as strong as ever with such incredible range of vocals while also showcasing his impeccable guitar skills. Mark Tremonti who has been voted Guitar Player of the Year multiple times and is ranked in the top metal guitarists of all time was on point as always

The band released their sixth studio album, Walk The Sky, October 18 via Napalm Records. The first single from the album is “Wouldn’t You Rather”, released on June 28, 2019. A second was released, “Pay No Mind”, on July 25, 2019, with three further singles, “Take The Crown”, “In the Deep” and “Dying Light”, released respectively. Formed in 2004, the group includes lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Myles Kennedy, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall, and drummer Scott Phillips. 

Alter Bridge: Walk the Sky – CD

Alter Bridge Set List:

One Life

Wouldn’t You Rather


Come to Life

Pay No Mind

Rise Today

Addicted to Pain

Waters Rising

In the Deep




Open Your Eyes


Skillet, a Christian rock band, took the stage to a standing room only House of Blues in Orlando.  From the very young to the much older crowd, the light and the love was clearly present in the crowd of fans on their feet to see them.  Skillet opened the show with “Feel Invincible” from the Unleashed album and many fan favorites filled the night including “Awake and Alive”,  “Hero”, and “Legendary”. An intense light, smoke and stage show accompanied one of the most energizing performances I have ever seen at the House of Blues and one that many fans will not forget. Such a pleasant night of joy among a few thousand friends. Skillet has gained a regular long standing presence in Christian rock and a cross-over appeal in mainstream rock catering to believers and even non-believers. They deliver a message that is true to the daily life struggles that many can relate to.  Be sure to catch them at a show near you, this is a tour to not be missed. 

Skillet released “Legendary” on May 7, 2019 as the first single off their 10th album, Victorious and the album was released on August 2, 2019. On September 20, 2019, Legendary was debuted as a theme song of WWE Raw.

Skillet Set List:

Feel Invincible

Not Gonna Die

You Ain’t Ready

Whispers in the Dark


Awake and Alive

Back From the Dead

Save Me






The Resistance