Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness HOB Orlando

Andrew McMahon

Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness HOB Orlando 2-7-2019

The weather was a beautiful 80 degree afternoon in Orlando on Thursday February 7th, a perfect day for a pool party with Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness Upside Down Flowers tour. The show featured a very elaborate stage setup with white sheets saying the pool was closed and no peeing, flowers, a pool umbrella, and a brick wall which hid stairs to the risers for the keyboard and upper platform. At the beginning they tested the water temp with a duckie thermometer, scooped the pool with a net, and had some cold beverages.

Everyone could hear him singing, but could not see him. We all soon learned he was behind the white fence on the piano when the box lit up with white light. The fence opened and he wheeled out the piano on to the stage and the crowd went wild. For the most part he was at the piano standing or sitting, at one point he stood on the piano and jumped off the top of the piano. Lots of crowd participation and singing along with the 24 song set list. Flowers and of course the pool float shaped like the sun to surf the crowd at the end.

Everything Must Go
High Dive
The Mixed Tape (Jack’s Mannequin cover)
Love and Great Buildings
Television (Jack’s Mannequin cover)
Blue Vacation
Island Radio
This Wild Ride
Watch the Sky (Something Corporate cover)
House in the Trees
Punk Rock Princess (Something Corporate cover)
Paper Rain
Dark Blue (Jack’s Mannequin cover)
Walking in My Sleep
Believe (Cher cover)
So Close
Teenage Rockstars
I Woke Up in a Car (Something Corporate cover)
Fire Escape

Crashin (Jack’s Mannequin cover)
Cecilia and the Satellite
MFEO: Pt. 1 – Made for Each Other / Pt. 2 – You Can Breathe (Jack’s Mannequin cover)

Opening act support from Flor and Grizfolk.