Devour the Day House of Blues Orlando

Devour the Day House of Blues Orlando

Devour the Day rocked the sold out House of Blues in Orlando. 

Suffer, Overcome and Recover.   Soar over everything…….

Devour the Day hit the stage hard to a sold out show at the House of Blues Orlando with “S.O.A.R.” the album opener and title track from their most recent album. From the Time and Pressure album,  “Good Man’ with it’s melodic tone and heavy hitting bass followed and had the crowd pumped for what was about to happen next…

Blake Allison climbed off the 7 ft stage into the photo pit, and stood on the railing with the fans support.

Blake asked the fans “are you guys ready for a rock show?
and the crowd cheers… “Good, so are we!” reply’s Blake

With the energy level at an all time high, he prepared
the crowd for an epic crowd surf across the House of

“Are you going to have fun with us tonight?” The crowd
gets louder….”Good! I need everybody’s help right
here….I need you to catch me…I want to crowd surf.”

Blake surfed the entire front of the crowd while singing
“Save Yourself” another hit song of the S.O.A.R. album.

Other songs included “Broadcast Intro”, “Blackout”, “Step Aside”, “Lightning in the Sky”, and “You and Not Me”. They ended the show with “The Bottom” from the album S.O.A.R. which gives insight to where the band has been and how they have gotten to where they are today,  and “Respect” from the Time & Pressure album.

Devour the Day is a band that truly loves their music and they bring an amazing energy and a great stage performance that keeps the crowd on their feet, hands in the air and smiles on their faces. Overall this was a phenomenal show and I am really looking forward to what the future brings for this awesome group of rockers. Be sure to check them out at a venue near you.

Official members
Blake Allison – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Joey “Chicago” Walser – bass, backing vocals
Ronnie Farris – drums, percussion
David Hoffman – lead guitar, backing vocals

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Instagram: @devourtheday
Twitter: @devourtheday
Blake Instagram: @blake_dtd
Joey Instagram: @joey_chicago
Ronnie Instagram: @ronniefarris
David Instagram: @devour_the_david