Sevendust at House of Blues Orlando


“Sevendust has arrived!!!!”  To end the year with Sevendust was truly magical. As it drew closer to midnight the energy in the crowd was rising, the drinks were flowing and the family of music fans came together in a packed House of Blues. They hit the stage with the hard hitting sound of Pieces.  The circle pit was raging and the fans were on their feet rocking out the last night of the year. Just before midnight, one of my all time favorites…Waffle..and then the countdown began, confetti went flying and hugs and kisses all around as the clock struck midnight. A champagne toast on stage was truly awesome. One thing you will always have when Sevendust hits the stage is a humble group of musicians, endlessly thankful for their fans,  who put on one of the best live performances you will see. Songs included “Pieces” , “Hero” and acoustic version of “Denial”, “Ugly”, “Enemy”,  and “Praise”. Sevendust wrapped up with “Thank You”, a perfect ending to the year and an amazing night.